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IRS Tax Debt Help

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IRS tax debt creates a frightening predicament, threatening in some cases the prospect of bankruptcy. The specter of a powerful and ruthless federal agency insisting on collecting what it believes is due provides enough angst to drive almost anyone into a panic. Most people in such a situation never even know how woefully unaware they are of the many options they have available for satisfying, and often reducing, their debt to the IRS. If you are reading these words, however, you are taking your first steps in dealing with your tax debt in an effective and far less painful way than what you may have been anticipating.

The various sections of this site answer frequently asked questions about specific ways to deal with tax debt. In some cases, you may be able reduce or even eliminate the money you owe the IRS. Specialized tax accountants and attorneys can help you find out if you have such an option. In other cases, you can negotiate a settlement with the IRS to spread out your liability over a convenient length of time. Experienced professional help in such negotiations can often save you not only worry, but money over the long run as well. To get started, read the articles available here, contact an expert and approach Your IRS tax debt as an informed intelligent consumer. Dealing with tax debt sooner is better than dealing with it later.


Offer In Compromise Article
What is an Offer in Compromise?

In an Offer in Compromise (OIC), a taxpayer
and the Internal Revenue Service agree to settle
the taxpayer’s tax liabilities for less than the full
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Penalty Abatement Article
What is an Abatement of Penalty?

If the IRS has assessed you a tax penalty, you may apply to have such a penalty abated, or reduced. To do so, you must file IRS Form 843...
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IRS Stop Wage Garnishment Article
What is an IRS Wage Levy?

An IRS Wage Levy, also known as garnishment, is an enforcement action under which the IRS compels your employer to pay your past-due taxes out of your wages...
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Effective Tax Adminstration Article
What is an Effective Tax Administration offer?

An Effective Tax Administration, or ETA, offer is
an option that persons who have tax debt may
use in the course of filing an Offer in Compromise,
or OIC.
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Innocent Or Injured Spouse Relief Article
What is Innocent Spouse Relief?

If you filed jointly and you believe that your spouse
or former spouse failed to report income, reported
income improperly, or claimed improper deductions
or credits, you may apply for innocent spouse relief.
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IRS Payment Plan Article
What Is an IRS Payment Plan?

An IRS Payment Plan, also known as an
Installment Agreement, is an arrangement
under which you pay your tax bill in
installments over a period of time, plus
interest and fees.
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Free IRS Tax Debt Help Articles
Read about the most common ways to deal with tax debt with the articles provided

IRS Tax Debt Help Options

The six articles above address only the most common ways to deal with tax debt. An Offer in Compromise or Repayment Plan give you the opportunity to spread your tax debt out over a reasonable length of time, with OIC also offering reduction in the actual tax debt. Penalty Abatement, an Effective Tax Administration Offer, and Innocent or Injured Spouse Relief give you the opportunity to reduce, or in some cases eliminate, the amount of tax you owe the IRS. Stopping IRS wage garnishment should be considered only after attempting another methods to deal with the tax debt.

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Certain Tax Accountants and Attorneys come to the table with considerable experience in negotiating IRS tax debt issues. If your savings or income is on the line, it is no time to learn the ropes of the serious and complicated methods that can bring you relief from your IRS tax debt. The articles here introduce the ideas and strategies involved in dealing with past-due taxes, but they serve only an introduction. Contact an IRS tax debt professional today and start your way back from worry and toward good standing with the IRS. They know how to help, and will likely save you money.

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